About Our Store – Peekabu

About Our Store

Why Peekabu?

Peekabu started as an idea by two friends who wanted a fun shopping experience while buying clothes for their young nieces/newphews. Hence our slogan - fun, affordable, fashionable! Shopping for babies/kids can be stressful. You want them to always look their cutest - but boy do they grew up fast! We want to be a place for everyone but especially moms and moms-to-be to enjoy their shopping experience for little one’s. We strive to keep prices as low as possible so your cute babies can be outfitted with as many options as possible throughout their childhood! We’re constantly updating our designs and love customer feedback! Here at Peekabu, we’re committed to quality for you + your little one(s). We promise to be a source of fun, affordable, and fashionable clothing!

Doing Good

In terms of packaging - we try to be as sustainable as possible. Our packaging is biodegradable and WAYYY better than traditional packaging. We want to put a smile on your face and keep the environment smiling as well! Recycle, Reuse, Repeat…and Reorder ;) 

Shopping here should be as easy as playing Peek-a-“bu” with your little one(s)!!!

The Peekabu Team